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The Jodie Art studio is a private collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles. LET'S GROW KADENA TOGETHER Join us in revolution, a project that is entirely community-driven, decentralised, and fully operational.

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Welcome to The Jodie Art Studio.

The Jodie Art studio is a private collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles. We have included almost all the games in our Nft.

Jodie Inu is the stuff of legends. Jodie Inu was born as a community response against the notorious Kadena FUDDER Jodie Morar. Together we will rise! They are more than a meme, Jodie Inu is the Community.

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Phase 01 Completed

$JDE Is Born

Launch Social Medias
Release tokenomics
Website launch


Completed Phase 02

Token Distributions

50% Jodie inu burning event
Launch on Kaddex
Launch on Kdswap


Phase 03 Completed


Recruit artists
Website revamp


In Progress Phase 04

Rare Giveaways

Rewards to JDE Holders
NFT WL to JDE holders


Phase 05 In Progress

3D Nfts

NFT Launchpad Announcement
Whitelist Mint
Public Mint


In Progress Phase 06

More Utilities

Jodie Game
Surprise Collection
Miami private yacht party
Cocktail party in Florida


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Meet Our Team

Jadon Rath

CEO & Founder




Chief Marketing Officer


General Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Jodie Inu NFT is a collection of sports and athletic NFT's brought to you by the Jodie Inu crew. This unique collection of nft's covers a wide variety of sports and extreme sports so you'll find one for all your favorites.

We are all about creating an exciting collection that will also provide you long-term value.

Our collection will feature staking, allowing you to earn passive income on your collection! More details coming soon.

Our NFT'S are being built on the marmalade standards and will be stored on the blockchain for permanent record and transparency. You will be able to view them on the launchpad/marketplace to be announced soon.

We will be launching on Marmalade standards on an NFT launchpad to be announced soon.

Shortly after the NFT launch you will be able to buy and sell your Jodie Inu NFTs along with other NFTs in an open Marmalade standard marketplace - marketplace to be announced soon.

After the purchase is complete, the NFT is transferred into your wallet and appears under the Collected tab on your profile page.


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